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The Banana Rum Crayon is a versatile condiment that can be used creatively to enhance the flavors of a variety of dishes, desserts, and beverages. Enjoy experimenting with different ways to incorporate it into your culinary creations.

Presented in a pretty Unitary box composed of a Banana Rum Crayon and a sharpener.


Banana puree, cider vinegar, apple juice, natural banana flavor, natural vanilla flavor, natural cinnamon flavor, natural rum flavor, salt, Agar-agar, gluten free tamari, brown sugar, locust bean gum.
Contains: Soy


The Banana Rum Food Crayon is applied by sharpening shavings directly onto plates, desserts, or drinks when serving them. As the shavings come into contact with the food, they release the sweety flavor, adding a nice taste to the dishes.

Serving size

The suggested amount is 5 to 10 shavings per plate, depending on personal preference and the size of the dish. For smaller servings or drinks, 1 or 2 shavings should be enough.

Shelf Life and storage

The Banana Rum Food Crayon has a shelf life of up to 12 months. To maintain its freshness and quality, it's essential to store the crayon in its tube and keep it in the refrigerator once it's been opened.


Cakes and Cupcakes: Shave the Banana Rum Food Crayon over the top of cakes or cupcakes as a glaze. You can also add it between cake layers for extra moisture and flavor.
Ice Cream and Parfaits: Add Banana Rum crayon flavor over scoops of ice cream or layers of yogurt and granola for a tropical twist.
Pies and Tarts: Top the crust of a fruit tart with banana rum topping flavor, or mix it into the filling for added flavor.
Grilled Fruits: Shave banana rum crayon flavor onto grilled fruits like pineapple, peaches, or bananas for a caramelized finish.

Cocktail Rims: Put some shavings around the cocktail glasses with Banana Rum Food Crayon
Mojitos and Punches: Add a few shavings of banana rum Food Crayon flavor to your mojitos or punches for an extra layer of tropical taste.
Hot Drinks: Add Banana Rum topping flavor into hot beverages like coffee, hot chocolate, or chai for a unique and comforting twist.

Sauces and Glazes: Use banana Rum Food Crayon as a base for savory sauces or glazes. Shave it onto grilled or roasted meats for a hint of sweetness and depth.
Stir-Fries: Add a small amount of Banana Rum flavor to the sauce of a stir-fry for a touch of tropical flair.
Salad Dressings: Incorporate Banana Rum Food crayon into vinaigrettes for salads with fruits and nuts.

Pancakes and Waffles: Add the Banana Rum flavor over stacks of pancakes or waffles, or mix it into pancake/waffle batter for infused flavor.
Oatmeal and Yogurt: Add Banana Rum topping flavor into your morning oatmeal or yogurt for a unique and flavorful breakfast.

Natural ingredients, we promise !

We use only natural ingredients: Natural juices, spices, infusions, fruit purees, essential oils and natural flavors.

We use vinegar of apple ciderandsaltto preserve our spice pencils.
No other preservatives, pinky promise!

Agar : a natural texture

This texture is do to agar-agar, a natural and vegetable gelling agent extracted from seaweed.


The ingredients used to make the Crayons are gluten-free!


All Food Crayons are vegan.
*Only Honey and Mustard flavor is non-vegan, because it made of honey.

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