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NEW PRODUCT : Full Kit Bar to Cook + Food Crayon

NEW PRODUCT : Full Kit Bar to Cook + Food Crayon

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Welcome to a world of incredible flavor!

2 Gift Boxes : BBQ Trio + Cocktail Duo 

Get the incredible Discovery Box with the 3 spicy flavors Ghost Pepper, Chili & Garlic, Chipotle packed in a beautiful gift box. Paired with the most citrucy Cocktail Box with 2 incredible flavors Lime and Pina Colada.

The Party Kit includes :

  • Our best seller¬†BBQ Trio¬†(3 Food Crayons + 1 Sharpener)

    Ghost Pepper, Chili & Garlic, Chipotle 
    Best pairings :
    Ghost Pepper : Chicken Wings, Hamburgers... 
    Chili & Garlic : Pasta, Pizza...
    Chipotle : Tacos, Fajitas, Bloody Cesar
  • Our popular Cocktail Box (2 Food Crayons + 1 Sharpener)

    Lime and Pina Colada
    Best pairings :
    Lime :  Cocktails, Fish Tartar...
    Pina Colada : Cocktail with Tequila, fruit salads and ice cream...

Natural ingredients, we promise !

We use only natural ingredients: Natural juices, spices, infusions, fruit purees, essential oils and natural flavors.

We use vinegar of apple ciderandsaltto preserve our spice pencils.
No other preservatives, pinky promise!

Agar : a natural texture

This texture is do to agar-agar, a natural and vegetable gelling agent extracted from seaweed.


The ingredients used to make the Crayons are gluten-free!


All Food Crayons are vegan.
*Only Honey and Mustard flavor is non-vegan, because it made of honey.

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