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TAPAS DUO | Chili & Garlic - Saffron

TAPAS DUO | Chili & Garlic - Saffron

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The Tapas Duo is a delightful and unique gift for epicureans who enjoy making aperitifs and creating small bites for their guests. The combination of Chili & Garlic and Saffron Crayons offers a wonderful range of flavors to enhance Italian and Mediterranean cuisines.

Pairings with Chili & Garlic Crayon:

Italian Pasta: Sprinkle some shavings of the Chili & Garlic crayon over pasta dishes to add a spicy kick to classic Italian sauces like arrabbiata.

Pizza: Enhance your pizza experience by shaving the crayon over the toppings, giving it a zesty and spicy flavor.

Starters and Tapas: For appetizers and small bites, add 1 or 2 shavings of the crayon to infuse a spicy note, making your starters more exciting

Pairings with Saffron Crayon:

Rice-Based Dishes: The Saffron Crayon complements rice dishes perfectly. Use it to delicately perfume rice-based dishes like paella or risotto, adding a touch of luxury to your meal.

Fish: Sprinkle a few shavings of the Saffron Crayon over fish dishes to elevate their flavor and add a unique twist.

Other Mediterranean Delights: Experiment with using the Saffron Crayon on other Mediterranean-inspired dishes like couscous or vegetable-based recipes.

To use Food Crayon, simply sharpen some shavings directly onto your plates, desserts, or drinks as you serve them. Depending on the dish or serving size, you can use 5 to 10 shavings per plate or 1 to 2 shavings per bite-size serving or drink.

Shelf Life and Preservation:
The Food Crayons have a shelf life of up to 12 months. Once opened, it's essential to store them in their tube and keep them refrigerated to maintain their quality and freshness.

Chili & Garlic:
Water, apple cider vinegar, hot pepper, salt,Agar-agar, natural garlic extract, gluten free tamari, locust bean gum.
Contains: Soya

Water, apple cider vinegar, salt, agar-agar, gluten free tamari, saffron,locust bean gum.

Natural ingredients, we promise !

We use only natural ingredients: Natural juices, spices, infusions, fruit purees, essential oils and natural flavors.

We use vinegar of apple ciderandsaltto preserve our spice pencils.
No other preservatives, pinky promise!

Agar : a natural texture

This texture is do to agar-agar, a natural and vegetable gelling agent extracted from seaweed.


The ingredients used to make the Crayons are gluten-free!


All Food Crayons are vegan.
*Only Honey and Mustard flavor is non-vegan, because it made of honey.

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