Pain doré banane et sirop d'érable

French Toast & Maple syrup | Banana Rum Food Crayon

Ingredients :
- 2 eggs
- 100 ml of milk
- 2 tbsp of sugar
- Bread
- Banana
- Maple Syrup

Preparation :

1. Mix the eggs with the milk and the sugar
2. Slice your bread into triangle shape
3. Dip your pieces of bread into the mix until soaked, but not for to long to avoid any breakage.
4. Melt some butter in a pan
5. Add the soaked pieces of bread in the pan
6. Cook on both sides until brown
7. Serve it with some banana slices and maple syrup
8. Sharpen some Banana Rum Food Crayon to garnish !

Bon appétit ! ;)

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