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  For Holidays, we composed a super box with the best flavours to fit with your holidays menu and please for sure.

Run into the box:
The Raspberry & Balsamic Crayon, excellent on salads
The Mushroom Crayon for your cheese and delicatessen trays
The Honey & Mustard for your turkey and your meat pie

Quantity and expiration date:

18g per Crayon = 120 shavings
Shelf life: 9 months

Open - Sharpen - Taste

8 to 10 shavings to sprinkle on your meals to add an intense and delicious flavours to your serving. They bring innovation, fun and '' twist '' your meals.

*To view the ingredients of Crayons, please refer to their product pages




The team was made a selection of the best 3 tangy Tropical flavours to fit with drinks and desserts.

Run into the box:
Food Crayon Coco Yuzu (with pina colada)
Food Crayon Grapefruit & Timut pepper (with Gin Tonic)
Food Crayon Tangerine & Cinnamon (with Whisky or a good hot wine)

And for sure, all the Food Crayon can be enjoy on appetizer, the main course and on desserts...

Shelf life and quantity:

18g per Crayon = 120 shavings
Expiration: 9 month

Open - Shapen - Taste

* To view ingredients of Crayon, please refer to them product sheet



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